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Poolside Plants 101: Best Plants To Put Around A Pool

There are over 10 million homes with pools in the United States. 

Pools are popular in many different climates. To make your pool a beautiful centerpiece of your yard, you need to consider poolside plants landscaping. 

Plants are popular to place around a pool to give it a more natural look. Correctly using plants around your pool can bring the entire yard to life. Whether you want a theme or a traditional looking pool, your options are numerous. 

Poolside Plants

The best plants around the pool are plants that can tolerate the unique environment of the pool. Plants around the pool lay under the full sunThey are also exposed to chemicals like chlorine, which more sensitive plants and shrubs can’t tolerate. 

Chemical Tolerance

Backyard pool landscaping is all about making your yard look beautiful. To do this, selecting the right plants for the pool area will depend on what you’re looking for. Chemical resistance can be found in tropical plants as well. 

Birds of Paradise are lovely flowers that come from South Africa. These poolside plants are unique and are among the most beautiful tropical plants for around your pool. Their exotic and colorful blooms will make any backyard more vibrant. 

Aeoniums come from the Canary Islands, and they’re among the most beautiful succulents for around your pool. There are over 40 varieties of these hardy flowers you can choose from as well. 

Full Sun Exposure 

Plants like Fox Tail Agave thrive in pool environments because they’re very hardy. Agave plants come from arid regions, so while they can tolerate some shade, they prefer to be fully in the sun. This makes them excellent additions to a poolside landscaping effort. 

Beyond flowers and shrubs, there are other beautiful plants to consider. Plants around the pool come in many varieties, and special grasses, like Japanese Blood Grass, should be on your list. The red ends that give this plant its name will contrast beautifully with the blue in your pool. 

Tolerant of direct sunlight and heat, the Sedum plant is an excellent container plant. These beautiful plants even stay colorful during winter. If planted in containers around your pool, they will continue to make it eye-catching all year long. 

Themes for Your Pool

What poolside plants you choose will often come down to what you want from your pool area. The theme you decide to go with will dictate what plants fit best with your yard. If you select a skilled and experienced contractor, they can even offer suggestions. 

Poolside Plants for Your Backyard

Whether you choose to go with easy to care for plants like the Sedum, or you want something more exotic, the choices are endless. With the right theme and varieties of poolside plants, you can make your property beautiful and more valuable.

A pool with nothing around it doesn’t look natural. Increase the look and value of your pool by starting your own poolside plant garden today. If you want to get a pool put in to make your yard even more beautiful, contact Pools By Tom, LLC today.