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Are you looking to have a breathtaking and creative new custom pool built or an existing outdated pool remodeled? Tom Pilgrim owner of Pools by Tom will not only build a fabulous new pool and give an old pool a fresh new look he will create innovative water features that will blend beautifully into your new pool design.

Tom’s approach when designing involves the coordination of the size and shape of the pool, color, environmental artistry, water efficiency and more. The right water feature must fit perfectly and cannot be too large or too small. If you have a freeform pool, a rock waterfall will look great. If you have a modern rectangular shape pool, rain curtains and a sheer descents can be options.

Water Features / Waterfalls 1

After considering all aspects in detail regarding the entire poolscape and your style, Tom will provide a variety of magnificent customized water feature options. From a  simple bubbler to an exotic tropical waterfall, see what we can do for you.

Bubblers – Small jets placed in the bottom of a shallow end of the pool. They shoot water that bubbles and gurgles.

Deck Jets – This is a stream of water that comes from the decking. It shoots a narrow arching stream of water. The water can be illuminated with color changing lights.

Waterfall – Waterfalls are typically made with large or small rock formations. A waterfall can also come from a tiled or decorative wall at the edge of the pool.

Rain Curtain – A thin but wide sheet of water coming down from an overhang and falling into the pool.

Sheer Descent – This is a type of waterfall that drops in the form of an arc into the pool.

Spa Spillover – A water feature where water from the attached spa trickles or spills into the swimming pool.

Give Tom a call or fill out our easy contact form to learn more about all the services along with the water features Pools By Tom provides. You are not limited to the list we have shared with you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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