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Have you ever asked yourself, “what is a palapa? A palapa is a simple dwelling with a thatched roof that is usually open on all the sides. They can be built with pine or cedar, and the leaves are woven and made of dried palm leaves. Palapas are also referred to as thatch umbrellas, grass huts or tiki huts. The word palapa comes from the Spanish word of Tagalog origin, meaning “petiol of the palm leaf, pulpous leave”. Palapas are very popular within the West Mexican culture and are found in Mexican deserts and on Mexican beaches. 

Tom Pilgrim owner of Pools By Tom builds palapas with single, double, quadruple poles or whatever type you desire. We bring the tropics to your backyard with a tiki hut look.

Palapas Custom Built | Tiki Hut, Thatch Styles and more | Pools By Tom

Palapa Benefits

There are many benefits to having a palapa in your backyard. 

Maintenance friendly – Frames are engineered and built to last more than fifteen years. The thatch is also durable and can have a four to ten year lifespan. They have relatively low maintenance.

Backyard placement – A palapa can be built almost anywhere in your backyard poolscape; on decking, patios, lawns, over outdoor kitchens and more.

Protection – Palapas provide protection from the outside elements such as from the sun, rain, and wind.

A vacation comes to your backyard – They definitely provide the atmosphere of being on vacation at a beautiful tropical resort.

Let Tom create your tropical resort right in your very own backyard. He is passionate about designing and building palapas for each backyard that match the homeowner’s unique style. 

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