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Outdoor Kitchens

Adding Dimension and Value to Your Home

Outdoor kitchens have become the newest trend for homeowners today. Adding an outdoor kitchen beside your pool is the perfect way to upgrade your lifestyle without having to spend a ton of money. If you are planning to build one, then we have the ideal solutions for all your needs. As an outdoor kitchen building specialist, Tom Pilgrim at Pools By Tom knows how to translate your vision into a reality.

Reasons to Build a Poolside Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen adds another dimension to your home. The ability to prepare, cook, wine and dine right by your pool gives you the freedom to concentrate on enjoying your meals without having to worry about people making a mess between trips inside.

Holding outdoor parties and social events become easier and more convenient with a poolside kitchen. Imagine people happily talking, drinking and laughing by your pool under a cool, crisp starry night. Your guests will enjoy the dinner simply because of the amazing atmosphere. Your social life will become livelier and more colorful.

Another reason to build an outdoor kitchen is that it adds value to your home. Potential home buyers will be impressed that your home is equipped with an outdoor kitchen and will be willing to pay a higher price.

Elements of an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen differs from an indoor kitchen in that it is geared towards entertaining guests, holding parties and organizing social events, rather than just for cooking regular meals. During poolside dinners and parties, your outdoor kitchen serves as the focal point of the event. So, it has to be equipped with everything that may be needed, such as built-in seating, fireplace or fire pit, refrigerator, sink and preparation areas, wine chiller, warming drawers, grills, rotisserie, smoker, burner, and weatherproof granite countertops.

Outdoor kitchens by Pools By Tom

Creating Successful Outdoor Kitchens

A successful outdoor kitchen is one that is artistically designed yet impeccably functional. It should be strategically located and easily accessible, yet not too near the pool. It should be large enough to suit your purpose, yet not so big that it dominates the landscape. It should be equipped with all the necessary equipment and be a place where people feel comfortable to sit. It should be part and parcel of the pool and conform seamlessly to the pool design.

We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Tom Pilgrim at Pools By Tom specializes in designing and building creative, imaginative, beautiful and functional outdoor kitchens. So whether you want to add an outdoor kitchen or remodel an existing one, Tom is here to help you. Feel free to use or easy contact form to get in touch. We are located in Conroe, Texas and provide services to the many towns and counties listed below.

Let's Help You Bring Your Outdoor Kitchen Vision To Life