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New Pool Construction

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Living in the state of Texas provides for some of the most beautiful backyard pools, whereas new pool construction has certainly been on the rise. As a Texas pool builder, Tom Pilgrim understands the benefits of owning a swimming pool in the sunny state of Texas. Summers are hot, cloudy days are minimal, and the winters tend to be mild and short. Put the calculator in place, add all of this up and it equals pool ownership.

Are you ready to get started?

Let’s help you tap into the great benefits of owning your own pool. It starts with a consultation with the expert pool builer, Tom Pilgrim. He will take a look at your property, its layout and size and then discuss the reason behind building a new pool. Some homeowners strictly want it for physical fitness whereas others want it for relaxation and or enjoyment. After Tom learns a bit about your needs and desires, he will discuss additional features along with budget. 

After Tom has gained the necessary information needed he starts the design phase. He incorporates what he has learned as well as what he has seen regarding the home architecture and style. This is essential to create a new pool that will not only be functional but will blend beautifully with the decor of the home.

Tom will advise you, the homeowner of pool building permits that will be required. Usually, they include submitting a blueprint than passing several inspections including electrical and plumbing. 

After all of this, he then will start to build your new custom swimming pool. You can rest assured it will be beyond your wildest dreams!

And the Pools By Tom commitment to you does not end there. Tom Pilgrim will remain in the forefront and be there for you long after your new pool construction project is completed. Contact to get started.

New Pool Construction
New Pool Construction

An average build time is 3 weeks from the time we start until we put water in the pool

New Pool Construction / Pebble Sheen

Proud to Parter with Pebble Sheen

A popular pool finish with a durable, stain resistant and non-slip surface. and offers, brilliance, elegance and has a dazzling look. There is a wide variety of color selections, with beautiful enhancements for you to choose the perfect combination.

  • We warranty labor for the product for up to 10 years.
New Pool Construction

Personalized Pool School

Tom knows the importance of maintaining a beautiful crystal clear, healthy and safe pool. That is why at the completion of every pool build, Tom provides lessons regarding maintenance and the proper use of chemicals. 

  • As an added bonus 1 full month of free service is provided.

Let's Help You & Start Building Your Backyard Resort