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5 Incredible Ideas for Stunning Backyard Pool Water Features

It’s official, Texas, spring has arrived. It has been a long winter and now may seem even longer with the outbreak of the coronavirus. However, soon your days of staying indoors can change. You can be beating the heat by the pool and soaking up all the sun in your own backyard.

There’s nothing better than spending the day by the pool, but if you want to make your days (and nights) more enjoyable, then you should consider installing some pool water features. Trying to decide just what water feature to add your backyard pool? Read on for some fabulous options!

1. Waterfall

Waterfalls are easily one of the most iconic water features in nature. Many people find them so appealing that they bring the beauty of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls to their home by adding a waterfall to their pool! 

You have the option of creating waterfall water features with both faux and real rocks or boulders. They are placed on the edge of the pool and the water flows into the pool. You can also have waterfalls come from a tiled wall if you’d prefer a different aesthetic.

2. Bubblers

Looking for a water feature that is more subtle than a waterfall but still creates a load of fun? Then bubblers might be the right option for your pool.

Bubblers are small jets that are embedded in the floor of the shallow end of a pool. The jets shoot bubbling water up through the water. You can adjust the height of the streams that come out of the jets to be as dramatic as you would like.

3. Rain Curtain

If you want to add a water feature that is super sleek and high-end, then you should consider adding a rain curtain to your pool. Rain curtains are a very thin, wide sheet of water that comes out of a frame or overhang and flows into the pool.  You can adjust the flow of the water to make it look like a solid sheet of water or like multiple streams of water droplets.

4. Spa Spillover

Prefer your pool water to be on the warmer side? A spa spillover water feature allows the warm water in your attached spa to flow over the top of your spa and into your pool. This water feature helps keep your pool a little bit warmer, and it allows your pool and spa to appear more connected.

5. Deck Jets 

Want to wow your family and friends with a light show? Then deck jets are what you need!

Deck jets are jets that are embedded around the edge of your pool that flow up and into the pool. You have the option of lighting them up or leaving them as is. You can even illuminate them with lights that change color! 

Loved These Pool Water Features?

There’s no better warm-weather activity than swimming and relaxing by the pool. Adding great pool water features can only add to the enjoyment (and the view). With spring just starting, now is the perfect time to get started on your home’s pool water feature!

Are you ready to add a fantastic swimming pool complete with a pool water feature to your home? You’ve come to the right place. Contact Pools by Tom to find out how we can help you get your dream pool in your backyard!