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4 Do’s and Don’ts of Custom Pool Landscaping

Pool landscaping can make or break the luxurious feel of your pool. 

Whether you’re thinking about adding a swimming pool to your backyard or you’re planning out landscaping for a pool that’s going to be added to your property soon, understanding the do’s and don’ts of custom pool landscaping can help to transform your backyard into an oasis. 

That’s why today, we’ve created a complete guide with tips to help you better understand what to do when landscaping your pool. Keep reading to learn more!

Do: Consider Safety First

Backyard pools are a lot of fun to have and can provide your family with hours of relaxation and fun. However, if the landscaping for the pool isn’t properly planned out, the landscaping surrounding your pool can serve as an extreme danger to your family. 

1. If you have small children running around your backyard or pets, you may want to consider adding a barrier or fencing surrounding your pool to prevent them from falling into the pool. Keep in mind that a fence around your pool doesn’t have to be an eyesore. You can choose a decorative fencing material or hide the fence with climbing vines. 

2. Plus, you should also consider the flooring around your pool. Poorly chosen flooring can create a safety hazard, so be sure to choose pool landscape flooring that is anti-slip. There are several options between stone, pavement, and tile that have anti-slip properties and won’t serve as an eyesore! 

Don’t: Forget to Add an Area to Relax 

3. If you have young children, your pool is probably going to be an area where lots of rambunctious fun happens. Don’t forget to add in areas surrounding the pool that allow you to relax. 

Whether you hire a company to make built-in areas surrounding the pool for seating or you hire a team to add in patio furniture around your pool, it’s important to create a space for yourself to encourage you to relax!

Do: Choose Low Maintenance Plants

4. When you’re picking out plants to spread around your pool landscape, make sure that you’re choosing from plants that don’t require much maintenance. You shouldn’t have to spend more time caring for the plants around your pool than you actually spend caring for the pool itself. 

By selecting the right low maintenance plants for your pool surroundings, you won’t have to worry about cleaning leaves out of your pool when the seasons change, fertilizing your plants too often, or trimming down plants that grow too quickly! 

Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts of Pool Landscaping 

By understanding what you should do around your pool when you’re planning a pool landscaping plan, you can create an area that’s safe and relaxing for your family! Creating a backyard pool landscape isn’t only instantly rewarding, but it’ll help you to create life-long memories with you and your family!

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